Rates and Our Charges

APR's and Other Costs

No upfront costs ever, you won't pay one single penny to us before you get your loan.

We can't promise you that the rate you will get will be the cheapest, but we will guarantee that non of what you will pay will be requested before you have the loan in your bank account.

What Are The Costs?

It is impossible to give you an exact cost for your loan before you have applied. One of the reasons we can get more people accepted is because we work with multiple lenders. All of these lenders have different rates. Applicants with better credit records will usually present less danger to a lender, and they will receive better rates than someone who has more significant risk issues.

Once you have applied, a lender that has approved your loan will be displayed before you, and you will be able to review the loan offer. If for any reason the loan is not suitable, you can close your web page, and that will be the last you hear of them and us.

The upside to this is that you will no longer have to pay for the risk that other borrowers bring to a lender. A certain amount of the interest rate on a loan is there to pay for others who have not made repayments.

The more you pay back your loans on time, the lower your rate will go on future loans.

We Can Give You A Representative Cost

Although we can not give you the exact cost of your loan before you apply. We can provide you with a Representative price. This RAPR is what was charged to 50.1% of the people who came through our site. RAPR's include all costs and charges associated with the loans.

We check the rates on the 1st day of each month. This months rates are:

Loans Amount £1500 
12 payments of £160.96
Amount of interest = £431.50
Total repaid after 12 months = £1931.50

RAPR = 48.5%


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Offers of credit products will only be given after the application process. Applicants must be over the age of 18, have a UK address and not currently bankrupt.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to the MoneyAdviceService.org.uk