Our Privacy Policy

What do we do with your data and why.

A quick breakdown

As a credit broker, we gather information from you in a bid to bring responsible lenders and you together. Our main aim is to get you, the customer, the very best loan arrangement. As well as this, we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and take responsible lending and all other loan particulars extremely seriously.

We want to be as open and honest with all our customers as we possibly can be. With this in mind, we hope you take the time to read our privacy policy and take on board everything that is documented.

Personal information

It’s a big thing these days, the gathering and sharing of personal information. Because we are credit brokers and our main aim is to put you in touch with lenders, however, it is of paramount importance that we have some personal information about you if you are to be successful in your loan application.

Lenders need to know certain things about applicants before they can commit to entering into a loan agreement. You can’t expect lenders to give money to people who they have no information on.

This being said, the amount of information that you need to provide is minimal. All that is required is things such as name, address, account details, employment details and a valid phone number.

Of course, it is common knowledge that you also have to be over the age of eighteen to apply for a loan and you must reside in the UK.

This personal information must be provided so that us and lenders can verify things before looking to enter into a loan agreement. We, however, do not share the data you provide with any third parties for marketing purposes.

We must highlight that there is an opt in aspect with regards to information sharing. If you don’t have any problem with some of your information and data being passed on for marketing purposes, you can select to opt in and your information will be shared to third parties. If you do not opt in your information will simply be passed on to lenders in a bid to find you a loan. Once this is done, your details will be wiped clear from the system.

If we could possibly find people a loan without having to ask for information and data, we would. Our very business model means that we absolutely have to have some details to pass on in order to find people the loan that they need, however. Once lenders have been given the details, the information you provided us with is wiped clear – no information is stored within our site. We do not wish or have the need to keep people’s information on our system.

As like many other online platforms, we utilise cookies. We use cookies in a bid to make our site run smoother and give a much more pleasant user experience. Performance of the site is vastly improved with the use of cookies – that is the only reason we use them. We do not use cookies to harbour personal information.


As well as making sure our site runs as smoothly as it possibly can, we also take the security of our site and the security of our user’s data extremely seriously. We regularly run checks to establish whether the site is performing at the safest level and pride ourselves on having an extra secure online platform that consistently achieves high on our strict security tests.

Your data will only ever be on our site for a short period of time. It will only be on our system until we have transferred it to lenders. You should also be confident in the knowledge that your data is safe even when sending it on to lenders – that is because all information that we send is encrypted.

Whilst we do all we can to ensure that your information is as safe as possible on our site, we must stress that you should also take responsibility for your browser and ensure that your computer is also up to date with regards cyber security. We cannot accept liability should your data be gathered if you have visited our site on a machine that is not fully up to date with security measures.

Your rights

Even though we have made it clear that we do not store any personal information, the third-party lenders may have a different privacy policy and may actually keep some of your data for marketing reasons. Privacy policies vary from business to business – which is why it is always important to read through privacy policies when dealing with differing businesses, so that you know where you stand every step of the way.

You should be notified in a privacy policy should any lenders want to use your information for their own purposes.

As a consumer you have the right to know who uses your information. By law we have to tell you just how we use your data and who we share it with. As already stated, we do not store any data and the information we do pass on is to lenders in a bid to get a loan in place.

The people that receive data from us are all just lenders and credit brokers that are authorised by regulatory bodies. We also make it our mission to share only necessary information with businesses that are based here in Britain and the EEA. This is because it is easy for us to make sure that everyone is regulated in the same way and we know that we are dealing with respected lenders. We take the responsibility of looking after you and your personal information seriously, which is why we always want to be working alongside people who have the same mindset as us and are regulated to the highest standard.

We must stress that if a third party sends your information out of the EEA, you must consult the third party’s privacy policy so that you are aware of their safeguarding procedures and can understand how they use your data.

People have even more rights these days because of GDPR and they quite rightly should use these privileges if they wish to find out how and why their information is used.

GDPR has led to many organisations being more transparent with the data they have on people and how they use this information for their own purposes.


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