About Us and Our Company

A bit about who we are

Our Past

Our history in consumer credit goes all the way back to early 2009. Back then times were trying for a lot of people. The financial crash had just occurred, and mainstream credit was challenging to obtain. Banks and Building societies were themselves struggling with cash flow issues.

The market was competitive, but we thought that we could help people by offering products cheaper than others. By streamlining the application process to save people time in applying, getting a decision and obtaining that all important "Accepted" decision at the end of it.

The Present

Although only recently has the company "Loans Bad Credit Ltd" become incorporated in 2018. It is born of companies that have gone before. Our sister companies and brands are some of the most well known in the UK. Brands such as QuickLoans, EasyLoans to name just two. They handle to applications for over £50 million pounds each year.

We have our base at our Headquarters here in Yorkshire. We started in Barnsley, and we intend to stay in Barnsley. We must mention that all our staff are from the local area and speak perfect English, well sort of. In all seriousness, we would never move our call centre outside of the UK to save some money at the expense of customer satisfaction. We don't like communicating with non-native English speakers, and we don't expect our customers to either.

Unfortunately, with regards regulation, things have changed since 2009. Some of it is positive, but we feel a majority is for the detriment of consumer choice. One of the changes is that we can no longer process applications over the phone. Each application now needs to be done online through our online form. In some ways, this is better. The accuracy of details given to us is improved because it is the customer who completes the form.

The other significant change is that we are no longer involved in direct lending to customers. The amount of administration now needed to continue in credit made it a no go. Add to that; customers were under the impression that they no longer had to make repayments on time and that they could ignore requests to make right on their debt. We blame this on people in the media, who convince others that they are experts in saving money and they can have debts cancelled with some legal technicality. Due to all these factors, we stopped lending ourselves.

The Future

Our future aims are to continue to grow our brands. We have many other websites that we aim to launch. Some strive for specific niches in the credit market. By doing this, sending borrowers direct to the right lender who will most likely approve them first. We feel we can reduce the number of applications a borrower has to make before they get the loan, this means their credit record will improve, and the cost of credit will fall.

As for the regulation side of things. We have no idea of just how far politicians will go to sacrifice consumer choice for virtue signalling. If anything it looks to be getting worse for consumers. We will continue to fight for what we think is right.


LoansBadCredit.co.uk is a trading name of Quick Loans Ltd, registered in England and Wales company number 09619094. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 763132.

Offers of credit products will only be given after the application process. Applicants must be over the age of 18, have a UK address and not currently bankrupt.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to the MoneyAdviceService.org.uk