Borrow up to £2500 With Loans Bad Credit

We know you don't have a great credit history - don't worry

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to Representative Example: Amount Borrowed £1500, 12 payments of £160.96, Total Repaid £1931.50, Total Interest £431.50, APR 48.5%

Poor Credit History?

OK so some lenders may have put you on the naughty step regarding certain parts of your financial past but that doesn't mean all finance companies have.

Some lenders are looking for borrowers who are coming out of their problems. They see customers like this as people who have learnt their lessons and less likely to fall into the same problems again.

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£200 - £2500

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Loan Amount


  • 12 payments of £160.96
  • Total repaid £1931.50
  • Total Interest £431.50
  • Rep 48.5% APR
  • Interest calculated daily, no fees for early repayment.

Why We Can Help

The aim of this site is to help you get a loan. We work lenders who specifically lend to individuals with a difficult past when it comes to obtaining loans. Typically these people would have been declined previously and on the verge of asking friends and family.

Asking friends and family is that step too far for most people. It's almost like losing their financial independence. Before individuals get to that point, we would like to think that we could help.

We work with around 30 different lenders who want to attract customers with a bad history. The reason they do this is that they charge more to cover the risk that they are taking. Sounds fair enough to any reasonable person.

The benefits to you are that you don't need to risk the embarrassment of asking friends and family for a loan. Our systems are fully automated. When you apply, lenders will give you a decision within about 100 seconds. It will be a simple "Approved" or "Declined". If you are declined, you will hear nothing from us in the future. We will never market to you. If you are approved, we will put your through direct to the lender and they will send your money.

Unsecured and No Guarantor

We can confirm that neither this site nor any of the lenders on it require a Guarantor or any kind of security in order for loans to be accepted. There seems to have been a shift in many bad credit loans for the borrower to provide guarantors or security in order to be successful. Whilst we understand why Direct Lenders do this. We share the frustrations of the applicant when they are finally accepted only to be hit with further conditions later on.

We can be clear on this, non of the lenders here require any form of security. It really is unsecured in every sense of the word. With us, if you are approved. You will receive the money that you requested.

How Much Can You Borrow?

Even though lenders will lend up to a maximum of £2500. There isn't always a need to borrow that all at once. It makes much more financial sense to borrow smaller amounts until you need the money. All though interest is capped on loans that last less than 12 months. Lenders will charge more than your bank will give you for leaving the money in your current account unused. You have multiple lenders on this site to choose from. Give thought to borrowing smaller amounts to start with and then if you need more, you can always top it up with the same lender or others if they say no.

It is also worth noting that your chances of being accepted on a smaller loan is much higher than that of a larger amount. Some lenders may even advise you of a rolling credit limit that you can withdraw at any time. These days you have some fantastic borrowing options - even with a bad credit history.

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to the